what task i have done now ?

Till now i have completed 2 task cause when i came to know about it,it was bit late but one often say no start if late start,till now i have completed 2 task of SUSTAINABLE COMPUTING RESEARCH LAB (SCORE) in which i have to Fork and Clone Senz

and other was also of SUSTAINABLE COMPUTING RESEARCH LAB (SCORE) which also consist of  Fork and Clone C Local Azure both was beginner task though am not pro i started with beginner task offered by organization . Here is the screenshot of the task completed this year

best part of this is mentors are really very -very helpful at every step they help me out wherever i got stuck they helped me either by providing me link from where i could learn and implement . 🙂


Technology and project i have accomplished in Google codein 2018.


Sugar is an open-source learning platform that reinvents how computers are used for education. Collaboration, reflection, and discovery are integrated directly into the user interface. Sugar promotes “studio thinking” and “reflective practice”. Through Sugar’s clarity of design, children and teachers have the opportunity to use computers on their own terms. Students can reshape, reinvent, and reapply both software and content into powerful learning activities. Sugar’s focus on sharing, criticism, and exploration is grounded in the culture of free software  ,where we get to learn and develop many Open Source software projects from WordPress plugins to knitting machine projects or event management solutions to make a world a better  place. Initially at starting i was bit afraid that though am not pro in coding how i would be able to do that but later i found that all event are designed such a way to learn something different and most innovative type most importantly what i learn throughout this is before participating in google code in i didn’t have prior knowledge of using git hub and making pull request so while participating i came to know about using git hub and through this i also learnt how to to clone a project first which was really  very weird for me but later with the help of mentor i was not only able to learn how to fork a project but also i learnt how to make your first pull request 🙂  .although i haven’t accomplished much project but would be completing more through this learning process.

Which Open source applications i have installed on my computer.

As open source application is  developed by a non-profit community, it has some disadvantages as well with lot of Advantage 🙂 . Opensource software is free to use, distribute, and modify. It has lower costs, and in most cases this is only a fraction of the cost of their proprietary counterpart. I had many open source application installed on my computer which is countless in number. some of the highlighted one is atom by git hub, vlc media player, Firefox, word press (which i did when i took part in this event), audacity aah it’s better you see my c panel screenshot Untitled

Below screenshot of  open source application running on my PC.

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How I Found about Google Code-In.


As am learning web-development since 2016. Day passed and i got much more interested in coding,programming and i always wanted to do coding of my own and wanted to attend this type of program while learning web-development so as to attend this type of event .I start telling everyone that if u find any event as mentioned above then would plz PM me.so at last i have been told by one friend that google held one event named Google code-in every year so i came to know about google code-in.He said that google code-in is a great platform to learn various things while learning web-development,and after that i did lot of research about google code-in on google ,YouTube and understood what is google-code-in.   

Participating in Google Code-in

GCI official horizontal_1372x448dp

Competition is a part of life which can’t be avoided. Even when we don’t realize we are doing it, we all try our hardest at what we do often trying to rise above everyone else.It is a knowledgeable part of life when you take part in competition.No matter what the outcome i.e u win or lose but u get much knowledge there .                                                I participated in  Google Code-in  because google code-in is a contest to introduce pre-university students  to open source software development. it is often the first experience to me with open source (as now am doing with WordPress) and it is  easy for students to jump right in,and that too Open source organizations chosen by Google everyday introduce new task for students to work on during the seven week contest period which i think is really helpful for me and other student.As i would be getting here much knowledge to implement in my life to get one step toward success. and most important things is that   in this  each task has mentors from the organization assigned should students have questions or need help along the way. And most important things while we get to develop new things through this event  which include following categories: coding, documentation, training, outreach, research, quality assurance and user interface ,more we get  deep  through  organization more things we get to learn as there are many task being introduced everyday. 

My introduction is in about me page.